Sprite-based font rendering
  • Libraries
  • Sep 30, 2018
  • Martin Guttmann


Typeface is an include for Pure Basic for fast Sprite-based font rendering. Fonts can be created by an additional editor and text styling can be change in terms of color, size, italic, bending and clipping. The whole unicode character range and kerning is supported.


Direct download of the include: Typeface.pbi (Version 1.4.2)

Download of a zip-file with include, example, two fonts and an editor: Typeface_20180930.zip


  • Loading of bitmap-fonts (XML or TF)
  • Unicode and Kerning support
  • Displaying and measuring of texts on the screen
  • Changing color and opacity
  • Chaning of size, rotation (also 3D) and bending
  • Alignment and italic
  • Display-clipping and word-wrap
  • Loading and saving of bitmap fonts (XML oder TF)
  • Creating of typefaces from TTF-Fonts
  • Editing of the font image
  • Editing of the characters and the kerning pairs