Two player card game
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  • Oct 8, 2017
  • Martin Guttmann


I am happy to present you my new game: Reach7 - an online card game in mythical design with luck and strategy elements. The game is currently in alpha-phase. In the tutorial you will be introduced into the game and its elements, in order to prove online against the AI or other players. This game is a fan made clone of the original game Get 7 online, which unfortunately was canceled.

At the moment the server is offline, but it is planned to release an offline version.

Download (Version 0.4.1 from Oct 21, 2017)


View of the lobby, where you can create a game or select an opponent
Start of the tutorial
In-game scene with table and hand cards
Bonus points for collecting a series of cards
Final phase of the game during an attact for point multiplicators
Summary of the result of the game