Published games and demos

Since 2006, Union Bytes is writing different kinds of smaller games for PC (windows) using the programing language Pure Basic or C# in combination with the development engine Godot. At the moment all games and demos are free of charge and freely available. However, most of the games are still in early access state. The following list shows the most recent games and demos from Union Bytes.

Reach7 - Two player card game

Reach7 is an online card game in mythical design with luck and strategy elements. The game is currently in alpha-phase. In the tutorial you will be introduced into the game and its elements, in order to prove online against the AI or other players.

Connection - Dissolving blocks game

The aim of this game is to remove the falling stones as efficiently as possible and thereby send blockage stones to the opponent. At least four stones of the same color need to be connected to each other to dissolve them. By cleverly planning chain reactions, the opponent's grid can be made to overflow.