Public libraries and source codes

While we are using Pure Basic and C# as programing languages, we also publish some of our libraries, includes and source codes for such languages. Unless otherwise specified, source codes are distributed under GNU General Public License (GNU GPLv3). In the following sections you can find all published contents.

Lizard - Symbolic computation script language

Lizard is a script language for symbolic calculation in general. Key features are currently arbitrary size integers, rationals, reals and complex numbers, polymorphic or anonymous functions and a powerfull pattern matching engine for assignments and replacements of expressions.

2D Physically Based Rendering Engine

In a simplest way, atmospheric 2D scenes & games can be created without complex 3D models. Volumetric light, blooming and lens flare create fascinating worlds from a simple collection of sprites.

Typeface - Sprite-based font rendering

Typeface is an include for Pure Basic for fast Sprite-based font rendering. Fonts can be created by an additional editor and text styling can be change in terms of color, size, italic, bending and clipping. The whole unicode character range and kerning is supported.

TabBarGadget - Tabs like in a browser

The TabBarGadget creates a bar with tabs without its own container. With different attributes and functions you can change the appearance of the bar and the tabs. For example you can add a close button on each tab or icons and you can swap tabs with the mouse easily and add or remove tabs.